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10 Step Guide To Creating A Social Media Plan


10 Step Guide to Social Media Marketing. It’s nearing the end of 2013 and social media has evolved since its early predecessors in the days of Myspace and even Friendster. Getting your business out on the social media waves is just as important as television advertising was in the 90s. This all might seem a bit over whelming, but before you jump in to a social media marketing, make sure that you have a plan set up.

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Hashtag 101 for Your Business Marketing Efforts


Hashtags — you might of heard or seen them. If you are unaware of what its purpose is, don’t fret, that’s why I’m here. This will be a guide on what is and how to use a hashtag for properly marketing your business.

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5 Easy Ways to Engage Your Facebook Audience


Now your company has a business Facebook page and you try your best to put out a post here and there, but how is the success of your business Facebook page measured? It’s all through something called “Engagement.”

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Social Media a Necessity


Everyone has seen the trend to have all kinds of different social media platforms. The emphasis of why has not been clear besides the knowledge that you need one. The reasons are deeper than another way to market to your consumer.

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