February 29, 2016

The Social Trifecta: Content Creation Ideas

Social Media is a constant update. How do you continuously post? What do you have to constantly post about? Sometimes it feels like there is nothing, but with the method I use there is always something. I use what I like to call the “The Social Trifecta”. This consists of 3 parts: the industry the business is in, the business itself and the customers. Together with a little research, these parts create The Social Trifecta.

1/3 Industry

Industries are always changing. There is always new news to learn about. I would recommend subscribing to a channel that keeps you up to date on the latest news for your industry. Then write a blog or use the article itself as content. Another option is to create content with useful or shocking statistics from trusted sources. Content is all for the users. Always make it useful for your followers as well as for potential followers.

1/3 Business

This section is all about your company. Post about the employees or office, not just your specials or promotions, since users do not like to feel spammed. There is always something happening at the office whether it is a promotion, birthday, work anniversary, or celebration. People like to see people. People also like to see behind the scenes. Take pictures of the office and the action that is taking place. Your users will appreciate the transparency.

1/3 Customers

Your customers have a lot of content. If they enjoyed their experience, they probably will have posted about it online. Repost their content when it is about your business and tag them to give them a shout out. Use reviews for content and for a chance to thank them for taking the time to leave the review. Another option is to have a customer spotlight showing the results of the project you have done for them. There is also the option of holding contests for your customers. Don’t forget the occasional gratitude post thanking them for following you. Your costumers are a great source for content, and always should be taken into consideration.

The Social Trifecta is complete. With these 3 topics your content is sure to never run out. With these tips, you will always be relevant by providing fresh content for your audience.

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