April 17, 2017

The Importance of Content Marketing

Long gone are the days of traditional marketing. Simple advertisements like direct mailings, billboards, flyers, and newspaper ads are becoming obsolete as content marketing proves its effectiveness time and again. In order to create value for your customer and thus turn a profit, content marketing should be at the top of your to-do list.

What even is content marketing? Content marketing describes a marketing technique in which a business creates and shares content online like videos, blog posts, and social media posts that do not directly promote their product or company. They are made to solve a problem, inform the consumer, and stimulate interest in the product or service the company provides. These mediums provide relevant and useful content to viewers, and have many benefits for the business as well.

The consumer is happy because they found the information they were seeking, and the business is happy because they increased sales, gained better and more loyal customers, improved their search engine visibility, and decreased marketing costs. Effective content marketing will also leave the viewer with a positive impression of the company, and improve brand reputation. If they are especially pleased, they will share their experience with friends and family both online and in-person. Clearly there are numerous benefits.

An example of a successful content marketing campaign is Birchbox’s beauty videos and advice program. While their principal service is a monthly, subscription-based beauty package filled with samples of makeup and hair products, they started releasing free how-to videos with beauty tips and tricks. They offer various advice such as how to achieve various hair styles, how to look great after flying, and demonstrate different makeup techniques. Through their content marketing, they have gained loyal followers, brand awareness, and social traffic.

Today more so than ever, consumers would rather reach out to businesses themselves in search of more information. If they like what they see and find the content relevant, they are happy to return the favor with a purchase, subscription, or brand loyalty. Content marketing is here to stay and if your business hasn’t already started utilizing this practice, you need to do so soon.

I hope you enjoyed reading this GreatLike Media blog and it was helpful to your future in content marketing.

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