January 31, 2016

The Power of the Hashtag

Our experts at the Digital Marketing Agency in Orange County say that the hashtag is the most common encounter in social media. To those wondering whether hashtags serve a purpose in social media, our experts at Orange County Digital Marketing Agency say that the answer is yes! Hashtags are such powerful tools in the world of social media and when used correctly, can be a deciding factor in a successful marketing campaign. Hashtags originated on Twitter to organize a topic making it easier for users to find and contribute. Since then the trend has exploded and almost every Tweet, Instagram post, and Facebook post is followed with a series of hashtags. Of course with great power comes great responsibility, and if used inappropriately a single hashtag can destroy your online reputation.

Here are a few do’s and dont in terms of hashtags.

Why Use?

Hashtags have the ability to convey your message to the desired audience you want to appeal to. Being able to appeal to your target audience allows you to become discovered. Hashtags can build followers to the point in where you no longer need to use hashtags! An increase of engagement on posts is also predicted in the future by the use of hashtags, not engagement from the Twitter and Instagram bots, but engagement from actual users who genuinely like your content.

How To Use

Using hashtags on social media is really simple, but perfecting the art takes time and research. The most effective ways to use hashtags on social media requires research. The use of popular hashtags as well as tags that are trending will give a boost to the probability of your content being seen. Make sure while you are searching for trendy hash tags that you understand the message behind the tag itself. Some companies have used trendy hashtags without doing research and it had a negative impact.


Hashtags are used differently on all major social media platforms. Starting off with Instagram, you are limited to only 30 hashtags per post and if you think the more the better, you may be wrong. Statistics show that posts including seven hashtags on an Instagram receive the most engagement from users, compared to using eight or more and being considered spam.

Facebook can get quite tricky if you have your page on private. Including a hashtag on a private post only reaches those allowed to view the post. Make sure when hashtags are used that no more than two hashtags are included as well as keeping the tags relevant and simple.

The 140 character limit on Twitter reduces the amount of hashtags you can include in your tweet. Statistics show that there is a 21% increase in engagement in posts with two hashtags so pick wisely young social media grasshoppers!

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