April 28, 2016

Three Easy Tips To Become A Great Blogger!

What does it take to create a great blog? What content do you have to create in order to grasp the attention of your readers? To encourage them to not only share your post, but to create a following? Let’s first go over the basics of creating a great blog by covering the length of a good blog as well as the money you put into it.

First of all, should your blog posts be long or short and sweet? Answer? Both – let me explain why. I will go over short blog posts first. A study by Microsoft determined that the average attention span has dropped down from 12 seconds to 8. This can be largely thanked to digital devices as well as a majority of people being mobile and not having the time or patience to read long posts. When creating a post keep it short and strong. You will see great results from short posts that are able to capture your reader’s attention!

So if short blog posts are great than why even bother with a long blog post? Three words, Search Engine Optimization (or SEO for short). The longer the blog post, the more key words you are able to create, and the easier it is for your blog to be found in search engines. Based on a case study done by Neil Patel, search engines rank longer blogs over short blogs, which can result in higher traffic.

Last but not least, great content can make a blog but with no traffic your content will lack views. With that being said, putting money into advertisements and promotional giveaways can help give your blog the needed exposure to get BIG. As they say, “If you want to make money, you have to spend money.” Does your blog need a face-lift? Contact us at GreatLike Media and speak to one of our GREAT digital marketing specialists in Orange County!

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