June 28, 2018

Why You May Need to Redesign Your Websites

If your website doesn’t seem to be performing, it may be time for a redesign. But how do you know when to do a redesign and when to simply tweak a few minor things? It’s not always obvious. Here are a few of the signs our website designer experts at GreatLike Media believe indicate that you need a full website redesign.

Your Website Is Not Responsive

If your website isn’t designed to be mobile responsive, you’re in need of a redesign ASAP. Responsive websites adjust the layout and how content is displayed depending on the platform the user is on, making it possible to easily view the same website on a computer, a tablet, and a smartphone without creating three different websites with the same information. Because so many people use smartphones to go online now, it’s vital to have a website that is usable on a phone.

Your Website Isn’t User-Friendly

If a visitor doesn’t have a good user experience while on your website, they’re not likely to say on the site for very long. Users want to visit websites that are easy to navigate and clearly laid out. They also want websites that load quickly. If a site doesn’t load within a few seconds, most people click off of it. That results in a lost customer and, even worse, can lead to negative word of mouth. You may end up losing more than just one sale. Signs you may have a problematic website design include:

• Content that is full of only keywords

• Poor menus that do not make sense

• Errors on your page or your links

• Images that do not load properly when the page loads

Your Website Uses Old Branding or Isn’t Aligned with Your Marketing Strategy

Over time, your marketing strategy is likely to change (if you don’t believe us check out your local Dallas web design professionals. You may also design to rebrand. If you do either, you’re likely going to need to revamp your website. Rebranding may not seem like it would call for a full reboot of your site—shouldn’t you just need to change a few logos and names here and there? Many businesses make the mistake of doing just that. The result is a website that looks like an odd mashup of your old brand and your new one that doesn’t really work.

GreatLike Media is Here to Help with Your Orange County Web Design!

If you’re in need of redesigning your website, we’re here to help. Contact our web design Orange County experts here at GreatLike Media today for all of your website design and marketing needs.

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