March 17, 2016

Why You Need Retargeting NOW!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably spent a fair amount of time navigating the internet. Whether you’re shopping, looking up a recipe, or doing research on a particular company, you may have noticed that once you leave a specific website, you start getting “followed” around the internet with banner ads of said website. This is called retargeting.

Creepy? Perhaps.

Effective? Absolutely. Retargeting is brilliant marketing.

You’re probably already spending a fair amount of money on driving traffic to your website. However, if a potential client comes to your website and doesn’t convert, you’ve most likely lost that traffic for good (and the money you spent trying to get them there in the first place).

When you supplement your marketing efforts with a retargeting campaign, you are creating a way to get back in front of those potential clients that have visited your site and left without any action.

Now that you have those potential clients in your retargeting “bucket”, you can get back in front of them with special offers or promotions, which will help drive that traffic right back to your website.

Sound Enticing? Not only is retargeting extremely effective, its also a cost efficient way to stay in front of your potential clients.

Contact GreatLike Media today to get started on YOUR Retargeting campaign!

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