October 14, 2021

eCommerce Tracking in Google Analytics for Schools

A large part of digital marketing depends on data. Education marketing companies use resources to conduct researches and studies. Based on the collected data, they can make strategies. The surveys and researches let companies pinpoint the problems in their methods.

This article will focus on eCommerce Tracking in Google Analytics for Schools. We will also suggest our top pick for an educational marketing company.

Premium Education Marketing Services – Edumedia

We will use McGill school of continuing studies as an example. The school spent a decent amount on promotions. They also offered flexible schedules to students, all at low rates. Still, the cost to benefit ratio wasn’t very great.

Fortunately, the school hired an agency for education marketing services. The agency looked over the school’s marketing scheme and tweaked it.

EduMEDIA is one of the leading education marketing companies. They have an experienced staff and skilled marketing experts to help you establish your organization. For this reason, EduMEDIA is the best option for new businesses because of the lower rates that it offers.

Mcgill School’s Troubles

McGill University School of Continuing Studies uses Modern Campus Destiny One. It offers students to register online for courses. Currently, this system is very popular and trending among online education providers.

The problem lies with the tracking system. Modern Campus Destiny One revenue is tracked by source in Google Analytics for schools. It is not the best and most efficient system to track the progress of an organization. There are many factors involved in a registration of a single student. A student can join an organization via email or an ad campaign. Google Analytics can’t keep track of these accurately.

Hence, the school needed a more accurate representation of their tracking progress.

Streamlined Marketing

Education marketing companies provide different marketing strategies for a business. Streamlined marketing involves more transparent advertisement campaigns. These campaigns are more measurable because they are more linear in their nature of execution. This approach lets us know about the problem parts.

Implementation Of Ecommerce Tracking In Modern Campus Destiny One

Education marketing companies have started to use eCommerce tracking within Goggle analytics. In conclusion, this gives more measurable data to work with.


Modern campus density one is a popular schooling system used by a lot of online schools. The problem with Goggle analytics is that it doesn’t offer an in-depth review of the marketing services. For this purpose, you can hire EduMEDIA, one of the leading names in education marketing companies.

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