June 23, 2020

Five Reasons Your School Website Isn’t Working

Are you wondering how your school website design could be the reason behind your poor traffic? Having a website is important for your school’s audience and having a workable school website design is the beginning of progress. Why? Everything that happens in your school’s online environment takes place inside your website and your website design determines the success.

So, if you are unsure of the problem with yours, let’s take a look at the likely causes, and perhaps you will spot some misgiving.

  1. How is your visual appearance? How is the aesthetic and the appealing force of your website design at first glance? You have probably the mantra “first impression matters” and it truly determines if your prospective student or parents looking for an academic alternative for his/her ward will stay longer there. Even when you are marketing your school, your website shouldn’t be cluttered with every detail about your school, it will bore the visitor. 

Rather make sure the details are strategically placed while enhancing the visual appreciation of your website. Your website designs must make use of simple, clear, astounding logos, text, imageries, color schemes, and everything that makes your school unique. If your website doesn’t have all these, then it is time you got a reputable school website creator to give your school the raise it deserves. 

  1. How simple and navigating, is it? Navigation is all that matters on a website because a poorly leading website is a turn-off to every website visitor. And for a school website design, your potential audiences are of all ages; the young, the adult, and the aged. Students and prospective students are always searching for an academic offering and they may not be patient in a website poor in better navigation. Parents of different ages will also be on the internet looking up schools and this category is the busiest with limited time and attention span, if they ever get stuck, the exit icon is immediately engaged. 

So, if you think your website design isn’t helping as anticipated, then you are right in getting an experienced school website builder to help you revamp yours. After all, what you need is a website that is attractive and useable, isn’t it?

  1. How responsive are your webpages? Similar to navigational websites, sometimes, the webpages may refuse to open in some devices. As you know, some young people may not be handy with the laptop and if your website is not mobile-friendly, it doesn’t work here. And this may also affect your Google rating. So, double-check and ensure your website accommodates all devices.
  2. How is the information available? The No 1. Reason your prospective audiences are visiting your website is for information, that means your designs mustn’t conceal the vital details of your school. Your website must always have fresh content that convinces every visitor of your efficiency. So, checkup stale information, have them updated regularly, and having a qualified website manager will ensure this works.
  3. How is your content management structure? If you want to avoid the above problem, you need a workable content management system. A system that updates information, posts, and publishes instantaneously. If you haven’t a system like this, then you are in good time to getting your school a formidable website design that will bring in the traffic.

Nothing beats having a good school website design if you crave good results, especially when competitive schools abound with better websites. Now, that the flaws are known, you are free to get in touch with the geek in school website building and make the best from it.

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