June 29, 2022

Google Performance Max Campaigns: A Good Fit for Higher Ed Marketing?

Educational organizations have always relied on marketing ads to promote their businesses. Google recently released their newest “Performance Max” advertisement campaign.

The higher education marketing agency segment is divided on the use of this campaign. This article reviews the effectiveness of Google Performance Max ads for colleges.

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What Are Google Performance Max Ads?

The Performance Max campaign is a new goal-based Google advertising campaign that allows advertisers to access their entire inventory from a single campaign.

Their primary focus is maximizing performance based on specific conversion goals, targeting active customers across all Google channels like YouTube, Display, Search, Discovery, Gmail, Maps, and more.

As announced by Google, we have updated our local and smart shopping campaigns to Performance Max to give us access to additional YouTube titles and formats, text search ads, and discovery.

Benefits Of Performance Max Campaigns

  • Track The Customer Journey
  • Machine Learning
  • New Statistics
  • Accelerate The Speed

Pros Of Google Performance Max For Colleges

Advertising On Google Is Easy For New Users

A campaign idea that can achieve all your marketing goals without a few other setups will appeal to those who want to avoid the learning curve.

It Allows Advertisers To Focus On Strategic Performance Factors

Performance Max simplifies project optimization, campaign planning, and pay-per-click reporting. Multi-campaign strategies can include a variety of ads and messages that need to be collected or analyzed separately from different locations, such as responsive search ads and display ads.

Cons Of Google Performance Max For Colleges

You Need A Clear Goal

This ties into the previous point that Performance Max campaigns won’t run as expected if your marketing goals, or at least the conversion action goals you’re asking Google to improve, aren’t clear. To them. This also applies to the quality of ads and feeds. AI doesn’t magically make advertising better than its competitors. You must do everything possible to get the best creative input into your system.

Loss of Control

Criticism of Smart Campaigns, Automated Bidding, or Automated Remote Campaigns is tracking advertisers in various ways. Those who want to control all the details of how their ads are displayed can resist the constant automation of their work.


Google Performance Max is still in its early stages. You can not completely rely on this feature for all of your advertisement requirements. The best solution at the moment is to hire a good higher education marketing agency and let them run your Google ad campaign.

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