December 22, 2021

How To Create Urgency In Sales And Drive Conversions

If you own a small business, you must have experienced the feeling of customers not making up their minds about purchase decisions. When dealing with customers in a physical business, you can help your customer make up their minds and make sure they make a purchase decision. However, dealing with customers online is a different story.

This article will talk about improving conversion rates for online businesses. We will also suggest an affordable solution.

GreatLike is an excellent solution for all your online business problems. Small business owners do not have endless resources to spare. Hence, as a Dallas web design agency, GreatLike is a good option to improve your sales and overall online business performance. Additionally, the best part about GreatLike is that it can take care of your problems at very low rates compared to other web design agencies.

Tips For Creating Urgency in Online Business

If your website is getting a lot of traffic, but your sales are not doing well, you need to revamp your strategies. First, you need to understand the reason behind bounce rates. There could be several reasons behind low conversion rates and sales.

  1. Poor User-Experience.
  2. Lack Of Funnel Design.
  3. Less Effective Marketing Strategies.
  4. Bad Customer Engagement.
  5. Poor Customer Support.

1. Add A Timer

Something as simple as adding a timer could help improve your sales. Customers often think that they can decide later when they are shopping online. Thus, adding a timer would create a sense of urgency in the minds of your customers.

2. Add Some Urgency Focused Words

Add phrases like “Buy Now” “Don’t Miss Out.” “Hurry,” “Limited Stock Only,” “Clearance,” etc., would also help improve your conversions.

3. Limiting the Number of Options

Sometimes a buyer gets confused with too many options. You can solve this problem by only presenting items your customer is likely to buy based on their size and budget.


Creating urgency is an important part of online business if you want to improve sales. If you want to optimize your website, then make sure to check out Dallas web design agency, GreatLike.

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