January 28, 2022

Important Lessons from Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines for Webmasters

It is no secret that Google uses its algorithms to rank websites on the internet. Google has automated bots that always collect data from the web and rank websites based on that information. However, Google does hire some digital contractors as well. The Quality raters use Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines to rank websites based on the quality of their content.

If the terms like SEO ranking and Google’s Quality Rater Guideline are flying over your head, then don’t worry. GreatLike is a perfect solution for Webmasters who don’t want to go too deep into their statistics. GreatLike has a trained team of professionals who can handle your website’s needs. The best thing is that experienced developers of this agency have studied QRG in depth. Hence, you are in safe hands with these developers.

What Is QRG, And Why Is It Important

QRG is a 175-page detailed document that explains the rating method to contractors. Web admins would create their websites with these parameters for better ranking and quality rating.

Here are the most important lessons from QRG

1. Satisfying Search Intent

Google emphasizes in its QRG that a website’s content should satisfy the user’s intention. The intent is the “search query” performed by a user. Based on the “relevancy” of a website’s content with the user’s intention, Google ranks the websites.

Hence, if your content is related to users’ search intention, you will get a higher-quality rating.

2. Transparency Is Essential

Google also explains the importance of transparency in its QRG. Transparency refers to the amount of forthcoming from a website. It includes sections like:

  • A Support Desk
  • Contact Information
  • About Us Page

3. Mobile Optimization Is a Must

Google has made mobile optimization a must-have for websites. If your website is not optimized for mobile users, you can say goodbye to good quality ratings.


QRG is a detailed guide for contractors to quality rank websites on the web. You should follow our tips and tweak your website accordingly. If your website lacks any department, as a Dallas web design agency, GreatLike can optimize it for you.

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