March 17, 2022

Informative Websites Generate More Than Attractive Websites

Everybody will use the internet in 2022. What kind of websites do you enjoy more? The ones which have better content, or the ones that look better?

The Differences

An informative website is a website that provides useful or interesting information. In other words, a website that contains excellent content. This article explains why you need to focus more on content than web design.

Imagine you have two websites that sell the same product or service.

The first website has useless content and no details or good resources. Still, it has a very attractive, elegant website design and a lot of interactive behavior in web design.

The second website has clear content, easy to use, easy access to the information you are looking for through clear website navigation with helpful resources and clear business messages

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What Is Better?

An informative website wins. Studies show that informative websites generate more sales than attractive websites. Researchers found that a positive understanding of the brand could motivate Internet users to deal with their business. They also demonstrated how information-based websites could hit attractive designs.

Don’t Ignore the Attractiveness

Today, old-fashioned website design gives a bad impression of your company and what you offer. Also, users may be looking for competitors’ websites, and if they turn out to be more modern and up to date, they may attract customers, which is what every company should do. It can be below. It would help if you avoided the negative effects caused by the design of old-style websites. Read more about our website redesign service and why you need to redesign your website to make it more modern.

There are no double standards here. Website content should always be in the foreground. The main purpose of design is to serve web content attractively and creatively.


Attractive website design is important, but the most important thing you need is a fair amount of information. Orange County Web Design, GreatLike is a great solution if you want a budget web design solution.

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