February 11, 2019

Signs it’s Time for a Rebrand

It’s officially February! How are you all feeling? Have you completed at least a few of your New Year Resolutions? This month, GreatLike Media is doing extensive research to compile a list of signs and reasons that your company should rebrand in 2019.

Your brand name no longer reflects your brand vision

Let’s say Billie is 22 years old, fresh out of college, and has decided that she wants to pursue opening a restaurant. It starts as a Sushi chain, so she names the restaurant “Billie’s Sushi.” Fast forward five years and her restaurant has evolved with its clients, and now it serves fried fish, fries, and the restaurant has basically transformed into a diner… In this case, Billie needs a rebrand/organization revamp. She can change the restaurant name to “Billie’s Diner” or whatever name floats her boat. Be sure to change the website portal names and every other platform that may include the old name

You’re failing to differentiate yourself from the competition

At the end of the day, branding is all about competitive differentiation. If you feel like your brand is lost in an abyss with all of your brand’s competitors, why not try something new? Repositioning and capitalizing on your unique value propositions can make your brand exponentially more visible to consumers searching for unique solutions

If you sell cookies, try to be one-of-a-kind because there are a lot of cookie companies out there. Instead, maybe specialize in raisin cookies or create a new cookie of your own that fits your brand’s image

You’re targeting a new demographic

An effective brand is one that’s created specifically for one target audience; this is what makes a brand relevant and relatable. If you decide your company is going to target a new demographic, your brand will have to evolve along those lines as well. A brand that appeals to middle-aged women won’t appeal to teenage boys. You’ll need to revise your image to stay alive

For example, if your new target audience is women ages 20-35 years and you sell jewelry, emphasize colors, graphics, and overall product aesthetics because that is what 20-35 year old women care most about

Your brand isn’t memorable

Does your brand stand out? If you saw a billboard with your brand and services plastered on the highway, would you stop and think? If the answer to these questions are “eh” to “no,” you need to rebrand. Take stock of what’s memorable about your business, and then compare your branding to your competitors. Highlight what’s great about your brand, and expand on your services the best you can

If you read this article and want to rebrand your company, this is how:

Identify your goals. As with any marketing strategy, you first need to identify your goals and ways to reach them. Are you trying to rebuild your company’s image from scratch, or just taking a little off of the top, reshaping your identity slightly for a modest change? Are you trying to appeal to a new audience or to revitalize your energy with your current customers?

Work with a professional. Next up, work with a professional. There are some areas of marketing and advertising where you can’t afford to skimp, and branding is one of them. Work with the best people you can find. Even if it’s a little bit pricey, your brand image is a long-term investment that should be treated with care. Essentially, you get out what you put in

Proactively announce your rollout. Don’t blindside your customers; prepare them proactively for the rollout by making a series of formal announcements about your new brand. Consider celebrating with a sale or similar promotion to get users excited about your changes. Furthermore, create automated email campaign workflows to push out content regularly.

Some brands are able to stay relatively consistent for a long time, maybe even a lifetime. Others go through periods of rapid evolution, and still others update only as needed every several years. There’s no right or wrong answer to the rebranding question — there’s only what is and what’s not appropriate for you and your audience.

As a digital marketing agency in Orange County, here at GreatLike Media, we want to supply our clients with this kind of information to help their brands consistently stay up-to-date.

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