Tai Lopez Is A Scam (and here's what we recommend)

January 14, 2020

Tai Lopez Scam Review

This article uncovers the Tai Lopez Scam that has deceived many for years. Before reading any further, if you are looking for a reasonable way to generate a full-time income online, I would highly recommend The Investor Academy. They offer 7-day free trials without asking for your card info, in-depth education, and full transparency. To learn more about Tai Lopez and his deceptive practices, continue reading the article below:

Tai Lopez 

Many individuals have heard of the name Tai Lopez. Many have heard of him because of his various educational courses he sells or through his social media platforms. The main reason why Tai Lopez is so well-known is because of his success that he has made for himself through selling different courses that ensure individuals that it will help them succeed and change their life for the better. These different courses include different topics such as social media, real estate, and other business-related courses. Tai Lopez markets his courses in a way to make individuals believe that if they purchase his courses, it will help them to reach success. 

This has deceived and tricked many people into buying his courses only to find out that the information that he was providing could have been found for free online or through educational YouTube videos. Which is why it is of the highest importance for individuals to conduct their own due diligence before purchasing any type of course. This is the key to saving your own money. Business courses sold by Tai Lopez can range anywhere from $500 to over $7000. It is suggested that you search for and read reviews such as the Tai Lopez Review to learn about what other individuals had to say about the courses. Below, you can read about some of Tai Lopez’s courses that many individuals have reviewed and their opinions of them.

Tai Lopez: 67 Steps to Success 

You may be wondering why his course is called the 67 Steps to Success, this is because this course created by Tai Lopez is meant as a motivational course. Tai Lopez created this course as steps he recommends for individuals to take in order to reach success. Essentially, this course is a motivational course that encourages people to start their own business and be successful. 

Based on real reviews, NOT the ones that have been bought, the course doesn’t seem to be worth the $67 a month. Many people have suggested that cheaper and some free alternatives to this course includes watching Ted Talks, Shark Tank, and watching inspirational/motivational YouTube videos. We do not suggest or recommend that individuals purchase this course. Save your money and find the same/similar content on several other free platforms. 

Tai Lopez: Accelerator Program

Tai Lopez’s course called the Accelerator Program was specifically designed for individuals who want to pursue a career in Business or build their own business. There is an application individuals must fill out in order to determine what program level you will be assigned to within the course. There are three levels that you can be assigned to, these levels are the money program, entrepreneur program, or the persuasion program. Each of these programs teach different things to help your business based on what you filled out on the application. Let me go into detail about each of these 3 level programs. The money program is meant to teach individuals how to manage your finances. The entrepreneur program is meant to teach individuals how to build a business of their own. The persuasion program is meant to teach about investment money and how to expand your business.

The application to determine what program you should focus on to help your business costs $997. Yes, nearly a thousand dollars to enroll into this course. Is the $997 course really worth it? The answer to this question based on other reviews is a hard no. Many of the topics that Tai Lopez teaches within each of these programs can be searched for through the web. Much of the content is textbook based and individuals can learn about these topics through a variety of different educational videos or reading it through different books.

Tai Lopez makes his money by selling these courses and claiming its course content can help you succeed. We are not denying that the content would not help you in your pursuit of creating business, we are merely stating that the content he shares can be found for free online. There is no need to waste your money in buying information that can be found for free through the web. Do yourself a big favor and do not buy his course, use that money directly towards your current or future business. 

The Final Verdict

Many people are scammed and manipulated into buying courses that claim it will help change their lives or improve their businesses. Do not be the one to fall for it. It is so important for people to conduct their own due diligence before spending their precious money on something that is not even worth it. Purchasing courses that give information that can be found on free platforms, is essentially like throwing your money in the trash. You are giving money to people such as Tai Lopez and making them even more wealthy by falling for their clever marketing tactics. It is important that you conduct heavy duty research before purchasing any course. It is sometimes difficult to not get scammed into purchasing courses nowadays as seen through the Tai Lopez Scam. He pays for people to write positive reviews about his courses to trick people into buying them. Be cautious and aware of the fake reviews.

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