November 25, 2021

The New Era of Responsive Web Design

Ecommerce is undeniably the future of marketing. It is all operated and run-on websites. Websites are built on a specific web design by web developers. Each web design serves different purposes, peculiar for each function.

Responsive web design is the talk of the design currently. If you are looking for an Orange County Web Design company for your website solutions, we also have a suggestion for our readers. Tag along and read until the end to find out everything we must share with you.

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Eras Of Web Designing

Web designing has always been around. Over the years, it has revolutionized a lot. Let’s look at its evolution.

The Past of Web Designing

In the early 2000s, eCommerce wasn’t a huge thing. However, websites would still run into issues mostly due to the image size limitations of the internet. The only view frame of websites was set at 640x480p.

Then eventually, with the widespread of mobile devices and internet users shifting massively to mobiles, web designers had to use plugins and languages like CSS to adjust the view frame issues.

The Presence of Web Designing

The present of web designing is responsive web design. The internet is currently the largest market in the world. You can buy everything, and new eCommerce stores are made every day. Hence, to handle all the buyers easily, the websites must be super seamless. If a website or online store feels a little bit buggy, the chances of customers shying away go up very fast.

For these reasons, web designing is currently focused on seamless user experience.

The Future of Web Designing

Component web designing has arrived at the shores of the web designing kingdom. It will potentially allow us to provide a customized experience to the consumer.


Web designing has transitioned the online marketing system. If you want to be a part of the future, talk to your web designer right now. Orange County Web Design company, GreatLike is the best option that you can get today!

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