December 16, 2021

What Makes a Great Website?

The Internet has become the most populated platform on Earth. Everyone we know and everything we know about is on the Internet In one form or another. Businesses are shifting to online platforms. What is the Internet? In simple words, it is a collection of websites. A person or an organization owns each website, and it serves different purposes. Some websites sell different products or services, while others offer their users content. Thus, we can conclude that each website owner wants more traffic to earn more regardless of the type of website.

This article will look over some factors that make a website great. 

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Things That Make a Website Great

Here are a few important things that make great websites stand out from the rest.

1. User Experience

The main thing about a great website is the user experience for its users. User experience refers to your website users’ overall quality of experience. There is no scale to measure user experience. However, a good website offers a satisfactory user experience. In conclusion, user experience means that there are no lags or imperfections.

2. Mobile Friendly

In 2022, most people will use the Internet on their mobile phones. People don’t even realize how much content they consume on their phones. A good website is optimized for mobile phone users. If your website is not optimized for mobile users, you are missing a large user base. You can contact the Orange County web design company and get your website optimized for mobile users.

3. Search Engine Optimization

If you want your website to do well on search engines, you need to optimize it for popular search engines. Several good SEO experts could make your website do a lot better.


Orange County web design agency, GreatLike is a great and affordable way to make your website optimized to get more traffic. There is a little difference between good and great websites, and that little difference goes a long way.

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