April 30, 2019

Why defining your brand is so important

Defining your brand is important. It can show your consumers and potential clients the purpose and message you are trying to portray of your brand. The way you decide to portray your brand will affect how consumers will view your company. This can bring forth either a positive or negative perception of your brand. Our experts at GreatLike Media, understand the importance of defining your brand and want you to understand this importance.

It is crucial when defining your brand that it is reflective of your company’s values. Your company values and your core values are essentially the same. They reflect the vision of your company and it builds your brand’s reputation. For example, Chipotle. Chipotle is known as a food brand. However, in a recent Yahoo article, Chipotle stated that they have transformed from being a food brand to a purpose-driven lifestyle brand. They wish to not be seen as just a food brand for merely food but as a lifestyle brand seeking to guide, motivate, or influence people.

As shown below, Chipotle is starting to showcase their “lifestyle brand” by allowing their users to see what they should eat if they are seeking to improve their eating habits. They have options if you are avoiding fat, carbs, if you are vegan, etc. This is changing the way that consumers of Chipotle are viewing their brand. They are viewing Chipotle as a brand that cares about what they are consuming and helping them feel better as individuals for caring about their eating habits. This was a great example as to why you need to define your brand because it can positively or negatively affect the way consumers view your company.

Depending on what your company wishes to reflect through its brand, it can increase the number of customers it attracts. Millennials and the younger generations are becoming more conscious of who they are buying their products from. This is why companies need to establish what qualities and views their company wishes to uphold. According to Forbes, it is proven that more than 6 in 10 younger consumers consider a company’s values and ethics that come with their brand before buying their products. This can make companies that are environmentally conscious seem more appealing to the younger generations. Make your company’s brand and what it stands for known to your current consumers and your target market. This can increase the amount of potential new customers that are interested in learning more about your brand and company as a whole.

Once you have defined what makes up your brand, it is also important to market this. It is of high importance that your brand is being advertised in a way that will optimize your company. Our digital marketing experts at GreatLike Media understand how to get the highest number of conversions and paying customers for your business. Feel free to reach out to us for help for your company!

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