May 30, 2019

Why it’s important to conduct an SEO audit on your website

Many companies are unaware of what an SEO audit is and how beneficial it can be to their website. In order to know how well your website is performing, it is important that you get an SEO audit. Our SEO experts in orange county at GreatLike Media understand this importance and want to share more information in regards to SEO audits.

What is an SEO audit?

An SEO audit is a thorough analysis of your website where the audit provides you insight of how much traffic your site has and what you can do to improve its performance.

The SEO audit can also provide your company with some insight as to why your SEO ranking on Google is so low. Having a low SEO ranking on Google can prevent your website from appearing on Google’s first search result pages when being looked up. It is known that about 90% of users don’t go past the first page of results. This can lead to a loss in sales, low brand recognition, and missing the opportunity for these users to become long-term clients. In order to prevent this from happening, SEO audits should be conducted in order to evaluate what on your site is affecting your SEO.

Some issues that the SEO audit can encounter or look for when conducting the analysis on your site includes the following: technical SEO issues, website structure issues, on-page SEO issues, off-site problems, difficulties with user experience, content gaps or missed opportunities and competitive marketplace insights.

Let’s elaborate. Technical SEO issues can include not using the right keywords in order to become organically ranked higher when being searched on search engines such as Google. Difficulties with user experience means that it is difficult for visitors to see your website with ease. This can be due to too much irrelevant content, an outdated website design, and not being mobile-friendly, thus making it a difficult website to navigate. Content gaps and missed opportunities can be due to lack of quality content information.

How often should an audit be performed?

SEO audits should be performed minimum at least once a year. When new content and information is added to your site, it is important to keep track on whether it is helping improve your SEO ranking or if it is not. This is why it is important that the SEO audit is conducted often in order to make sure that your company’s website is performing at its best and that it is reaching a high number of users and receiving high engagement.

How much are SEO audits?

Prices of conducting an SEO audit tend to range from $600 to higher than $10,000. This depends on how extensive and detailed the company wants the SEO audit for their website to be. Basic SEO audits normally tend to cost $600-$2000. The way SEO audits are charged depends on the company performing the audit. The payment can be a one-time payment for one project, it can be charged by the hour, or it can be charged monthly. Your company can select which payment breakdown best suits their company’s needs and budget.

Interested in a Free SEO audit?

Want to give an SEO audit a try? GreatLike Media can provide your company’s website a free SEO audit so you can see what you should do to improve your site’s performance. It usually takes up to 48 hours to receive your comprehensive SEO audit results back.

Once GreatLike Media, an Orange County SEO Company completes your SEO audit, we are able to come up with an SEO strategy to help improve your user experience and increase your rankings in the search engines.

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