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April 13, 2016

7 Reasons Why a Responsive Web Design is Best for SEO

In today’s world of mobile technology, it is imperative to have a responsive website. Responsive websites are more user-friendly and visually appealing, but they also have the power to improve results amongst the search engines, most notably, Google. Here at GreatLike Media, we gathered seven ways a responsive website improves organic SEO rankings.

1. Google Rewards Responsive Web Designs

Google recommends responsive website designs as the best way to target mobile users, and the search engine rewards responsive websites with higher rankings. In 2015, they even released an algorithm update that was designed to give a search engine ranking boost to responsive websites. Adversely, Google punishes websites that are not responsive.

2. Eliminates the Duplicate Content Issue

Unique content improves search engine rankings, and duplicate content can negatively affect search engine rankings. If there are two websites with the same content, even if one is a desktop website and one is a mobile website, it could cause rankings to decrease. With one responsive website, your content is completely unique because your desktop and mobiles websites are not competing with each other.

3. Decreased Bounce Rate

A bounce rate is directly affected by how user-friendly a website is. For example, if a person visits your website on a mobile device and the website is not responsive, the likelihood of them exiting the website is high, thus increasing your bounce rate. The goal is to keep users on your website and keep your bounce rate low.

4. Google Mobile-Friendly Algorithm

We’re mentioning this point again because it’s just that important! Google’s mobile friendly algorithm directly takes the mobile responsive factor into consideration, and non-responsive websites are being ranked lower and lower.

5. Creates a Strong Back-links Profile

With two separate websites, you would need to build authority for each website separately, which means double the web designing, and double the back-linking. With a mobile responsive website, you will use just one set of back-links that will optimize one website to create a strong back-link profile and increase the rankings for your one, responsive website.

6. Helps to Create SEO-Friendly Web URL Structure

Having a clean and organized URL structure is a primary component of SEO. In this case, a responsive website gives you a greater capability to organize your website URL and optimize it accordingly for SEO purposes.

7. Gain Healthy Web Traffic From Mobile

A user-friendly and responsive website design will simply rank higher in the search engines and provide another avenue for your website users to be found.

In conclusion, responsive websites are much more likely to rank higher in the search engines and are more user-friendly. For more information on responsive website designs, contact GreatLike Media.

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