March 17, 2016

Capture the Target Market Beyond Facebook.


In case you do not know what Pinterest is; it is a social media platform where pinners can create and share boards of interests, hobbies and more. Pinterest was for the crafters and do it yourselves till it was seen as an opportunity for business. Pinterest has business pages that started in 2012 called Pinterest for Business. Pinterest currently has millions of users and growing every day.

Pinterest is an opportunity to extend your business and to visually show your potential new clients the company’s values and culture. There are different types of boards. Businesses should have boards that will highlight business and boards that will relate to potential client. Starting off companies should have the following boards:

Why clientele should consider the company.

This board will consist of information from company website and anything else business related that the client needs to know and will also act as a back link.

Inventory that is well organized and separated specifically.

Show philanthropy work and what you have done for the community.

Display culture, values and anything that is important to the company. As the company gets more activity on the page more boards can be added that are seen relevant to the company.

Lastly, the most important opportunity to take advantage of is the pinners have boards of their likes and preferences. Most pinners have dream boards. This is a chance to get to know your potential clientele and learn more about your target market.


Instagram is strictly mobile social media platform and is all about picture content with a caption.

Instagram is great because there is less clutter and more information. Another chance to engage with potential clients that are not on Facebook, increase chance of interest in business and

increase brand awareness. Companies establishing on Instagram should have the following information:

 Hashtags

These hashtags put you in the conversations. When using them there should be specific

hashtags (i.e. neighborhood) and broad (i.e. city, realtors). Up to 30 hash tags meaning keyword.

Company profile should consist of business profile picture, description of company and website link.

Show behind the scenes of your business. Your clientele wants to see the work that goes behind their favorite brands.

Engage with your followers. Follow back when they follow you and respond to comments accordingly.

Pinterest and Instagram are two more platforms that business should look into utilizing for their brands. These social media platforms can enhance your market strategy. If you are interested to see how these could benefit your company email us at [email protected].

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