March 1, 2017

Facebook’s Newest Employment Feature

Facebook is no longer a platform created to solely connect individuals with friends and family. The company recently launched new software in order to enter the employment world, which will change the way users interact with businesses. Company pages can now create job postings and users have the opportunity to apply to these directly.

These postings are free to make, but companies must pay to boost the post to reach more people, as is done now with regular postings and advertisements.

Businesses will have the ability to customize questions, include relevant details, and have access to public information on the applicant’s profile. When submitted, a messenger thread will open to keep a steady stream of contact.

This places Facebook in a direct rivalry with the popular business networking site, LinkedIn, as well as employment sites like and Glassdoor. LinkedIn could really suffer from this new feature regarding both revenue and foot traffic if users begin to phase it out for a newer and more convenient avenue.

The decision to add embedded job postings was a natural progression from its current state, as many businesses post about employment opportunities on their Facebook pages already, according to Facebook’s VP of ads and business platform, Andrew Bosworth. This will allow for the user to apply for jobs in a very convenient manner.

This feature will be available on both desktop and mobile devices, under a new “Job” tab in the “Explore” menu, with an easy “Apply Now” button.

Pictured: Concept

Facebook’s new software will likely make the employment hunt more personalized through the linkage to social media. Users have the option to easily apply for many jobs at once, without exerting a significant amount of time or energy towards these individual applications.

Companies active on Facebook will likely have to divert more time and resources to the management of their social media presence, as well as edit their profile to become appealing to their perspective applicants.

While this has many benefits, some users are apprehensive to apply for jobs directly though social media. Many potential employees want to keep their personal lives, specifically social media, separate from their work life. They hide their profile through advanced settings, or even alter their name in hopes of remaining untraceable.

Facebook’s new feature are already rolling out in both Canada and the United States.

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Will you be applying to jobs on Facebook?

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