Are Social Media Platforms Suppressing Conservative Politics?


Greatlike Media is taking an unbiased stance on this topic, and this article only provides factual information and tips, nothing more and nothing less. Here at Greatlike Media, we support all beliefs and always want to learn more by expanding our horizons and absorbing every angle of every story. GreatLike Media is an Orange County […]

Signs it’s Time for a Rebrand


It’s officially February! How are you all feeling? Have you completed at least a few of your New Year Resolutions? This month, Greatlike Media is doing extensive research to compile a list of signs and reasons that your company should rebrand in 2019… Greatlike Media is an Orange County digital marketing agency that specializes in […]

The Age-Old Question: Is Social Media Good for Kids?


It’s the age-old question: is social media good or bad for children? To start out, social media is the rapidly evolving platform for younger people to communicate and express themselves and share content of all kinds, whether it be personal or work-related. While social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Tumblr can benefit children […]

The Top 5 Design Trends to Watch Out for in 2019


Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all had a spectacular year filled with love and laughter. To start off this year, we wanted to share some insight and inspiration with you guys, our readers. GreatLike Media is an Orange County web design and digital marketing firm, and we love to provide users with all […]

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