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What is Responsive Web Design?


At GreatLike Media we pride ourselves for using responsive layouts in all of our websites that we design for our clients. Having a responsive website versus different layout can be advantageous not only for your the users of your site but also your company. Our Orange County web design experts at GreatLike Media explain below […]

Different Online Platforms of Digital Marketing


When it comes to digital marketing, there are many online platforms that can be used in order to market your business. Each online platform works differently and there are different strategies that can perform better for your site. It is important to understand the difference between the online platforms and how they can benefit your […]

Why defining your brand is so important


Defining your brand is important. It can show your consumers and potential clients the purpose and message you are trying to portray of your brand. The way you decide to portray your brand will affect how consumers will view your company. This can bring forth either a positive or negative perception of your brand. Our […]

Reasons why your business needs a mobile app


Statistics show that consumers spend over 5 hours on their mobile devices and it continues to increase with time. This is a perfect opportunity for businesses to use this to their advantage and help improve their business. This is when having a mobile app for your company comes into play. Our Orange County web design […]

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