What Is Digital Marketing?


Think of digital marketing not as a single process, but as a range of tactics designed to fuel your online success. From your website itself to your lead-generating campaigns and social media accounts, there’s a lot that falls under this umbrella. Each of these tactics can play an important role towards supporting your company’s online […]

Kanye West And Drake Feud, Baby Mommas Get Involved, And Ariana Grande Is Sorry. Here’s Why.


GreatLike Media is here to update you on some news happening on social media. Once again, Chicago rapper Kanye West went on a tweet storm and posted over 80 tweets on Thursday, revealing his beef with Drake is far from over. Drake and West have been feuding ever since Drake’s longtime rival, Pusha T released […]

Business Benefits of Using Twitter


Debating whether your business should use Twitter? If you don’t, you’re missing out on a great opportunity! There are many benefits that your business can gain from joining the  social platform with over 330 million active users. Below are a few reasons why our Orange County digital marketing agency experts believe your business should be […]

5 Essential Tips For Web Design


Can your website visitor determine what your company does? Navigate with no hassle? Find what they’re looking for within seconds? If you answered ‘no’ to any of these questions, it’s time to improve your web design. In today’s world, most people don’t have a minute spare. Even if you truly believe your site is worth […]

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