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Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Your Business


Social media marketing does work—with Facebook, Twitter, and other sites, it is possible to reach new customers.

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5 Tips To Get Success With Local SEO Marketing


SEO is always changing—techniques that were considered some of the best may now get your website blacklisted. One of the newest trends in optimizing websites is local SEO.

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Why You May Need to Redesign Your Websites


If your website doesn’t seem to be performing, it may be time for a redesign. But how do you know when to do a redesign and when to simply tweak a few minor things? It’s not always obvious. Here are a few of the signs that indicate you need a full website redesign.

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Is Facebook Still Relevant for Marketing?


Let’s “face” it: Facebook is going through a rough patch. Though the the Menlo Park giant has been the golden child of social media for years, a generational shift in users (and some particularly bad PR of late) has hampered recent projections of audience growth.

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