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Digital Marketing


The age of digital marketing is among us; over the last 5 years, the popularity of digital marketing has increased significantly. From computers to tablets to smartphones, the ways to market to consumers is endless. Companies are beginning to direct their marketing departments away from the traditional paper advertisements to focus more on push notifications, online ads, and apps to market their products. This is not to say that paper marketing is obsolete; however, the recent trend shows that consumers are more apt to look at an ad on their smartphone than to read an ad that was placed in their mailbox.

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What Responsive Design is and Why Your Business Needs it!


Some of you may or may not know what responsive design is. I didn’t really know what it was till recently, why? Probably because it’s the new web trend that’s more than just a trend - it’s a necessity. You may have some questions floating around and I’m here to hopefully answer those questions before you ask them

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Client Profile: Jason Schultz


When it comes to designing websites, GreatLike Media has experience in creating beautiful and ease of use websites for any form of business. In this case, we designed a website for Real Estate purposes.

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Client Profile: Kimmies Coffee Cup


Their color base is yellow with a simple French Script font found in all their menus. The challenge of the entire design was to incorporate that “home” “cottage” “cozy” feel but at the same time keep it modern and up to date. Having the design be a unique layout (you know, not that cookie cutter box layout) was also a big factor that had to be considered.

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