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8 Beneficial Email Marketing Tips


Email marketing is a form of communication to either current or potential customers through email. Examples that consist of email marketing are types of advertisements, sales, requests for business, newsletters, donations, etc. Any communication in relation to email is a type of “email marketing”. Email marketing is crucial in a business because it promotes and enriches your company's products or goals. Not only is email marketing a way to be loyal to its customers, but it’s a crucial tactic to stay connected.

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Facebook Link Preview: Is Your URL Showing?


As you scroll down your Facebook timeline you might see many posts that have “link previews” that work just like the blue URL text. These link previews connect to outside sites or articles just like URLs. The difference is that Facebook’s automatically generated link preview shows the title, the intro, and the image of that particular page. This quick reference allows for other users to gain quick insight on what the article is about before they click on it. This is a great tool to get your followers and friends to know what you are sharing, and can help your pages’ SEO.

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Six Successful and Helpful SEO Tips


SEO or in other words “search engine optimization”, is the process of boosting your website for search engines so that it attracts more visitors. SEO is important because it helps search engines figure out the general idea of your company and how it may be useful for users. Here are some tips in order to successfully create web traffic and gain more customers to your company!

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10 Reasons Local SEO Is Beneficial Towards Small Businesses


Local SEO has become a source of profit for small businesses, especially businesses who have a local target market. For example, a business owner based in Orange County wants to operate business from a different region. You can achieve this through local SEO and by targeting people in your nearby area and demonstrate things your business offers.

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